Collateral Loans & Pawn Loans

Fast collateral loans without credit or employment verification. Get a loan in 15 minutes or less at NYC Luxury Pawn Shop. All loans are secured by your pledged collateral which is appraised by in-store Pawnbroker.  You pay a low interest amount only on the amount you borrow and for the term of the loan.  You can pay-off your loan at any time and recover your collateral immediately.  Collateral Loans require no credit, no income verification or proof of employment, only a qualified collateral.  All loans a confidential, discrete and secured.

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Collateral Loans by NYC Luxury Pawn Loans
Collateral Loans by NYC Luxury Pawn Loans

Starting at 0% Interest the first month
Ask our Pawnbroker if your loan qualifies.




3 Easy Steps To Getting A Collateral Loan


Bring In Your Valuables

Hassle Free Service! Bring us your valuable collateral to be pledged in order to secure the loan. You can even get a pre-approval online.


Jewelry, Luxury Bags and Fashion, Art & Collectables, Memorabilia and more


We Appraise Your Items

Your pledged collateral will be appraised immediately by our certified and licensed Pawnbroker and will be used to secure the loan.  Your loan approval will be based on the appraisal value of your collateral which will secure the loan.




You Get Cash On The Spot!

Cash payments are provided to borrower immediately upon appraisal and borrowers acceptance of loan terms and amount.  You should expect the process to be completed within approximately 15 minutes or less.

Collateral Loans are the fastest and most convenient method to access cash.

What's My Stuff Worth?

Self online calculator will help provide an estimated loan amount in which you can cash at our store.

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Collateral Loan Terms

Collateral Loans are provided  at 0% for the first 30 Days if the loan repayment is 4 months (borrower must keep the loan open for 4 consecutive months in order to get the first month at 0%). Collateral Loans for up to 4 months are charged a rate of 4% per month.  Collateral will be charged a fee not to exceed 1% of total value for the purpose of securing and storing items in a vault.  Loans can be paid-off at any time during the loan term at no extra charge.  We will only charge for time in which the loan had a balance outstanding.  All items will be returned to the borrower in the exact condition received after the loan balance has been paid in full.  We hold the right to sell the collateral if the borrower fails to repay the loan as agreed.  The minimum repayment term is 0 days and the maximum is 120 days. The maximum loan term is 120 day. It is not required to pay the entire loan in-full within 60 days.

If you borrowed $100 for 30 days you will owe $103.00 on the 31st day.

Example 2 :

If you borrowed $100 and made a payment $50 during the month, than on the 31st day your balance will be $51.50

Example 3 :

If you borrowed $100 for 90 days and made no payments during such time than, you will owe $109.00

Example 4 :

If you borrowed $100 for 120 days and made no payments during such time than, your balance will be $109.00 (that is due to promotion of 1st month no interest if you keep the loan for 120 days)
NOTE: Interest is computed based on the principal balance of the loan at the end of each period (30 days). We do not charge interest on the interest amount added to the loan. See example 3 and 4 above.