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Pawn Shop: Gold Buyers in Manhattan, NY.

Gold price is closing in on almost $2000 per ounce, and there’s been no better time in history to cash in on these high values. People in the five boroughs have long trusted their local NYC pawn shop as a trustworthy place to sell their gold fast. If you’ve ever wondered, “is a pawn shop near me the best place to sell my gold?” then keep reading to learn why NYC pawn shops are still every New Yorker’s first choice for gold buyers!

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Gold Buyers in Manhattan, NY.

A Brief History of Pawn

Often called humanity’s oldest financial profession, the history of pawn can be traced back at least 3000 years to ancient China and Greek and Roman cultures. Legend has it that Queen Isabella financed Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas by pawning her royal jewels. King Richard III of England was rumored to have patronized pawn shops across Europe.

The Pawnbroker’s Symbol Explained

The pawn broker’s traditional symbol is three gold spheres hanging from a bar. This easily recognizable symbol can be traced to St. Nicholas, who is often called the patron saint of pawnbroking. Legend has it that he left three bags of gold for a poor man so that his daughters could marry, thus sparing them from a life of depravity. At some point in history, the three gold bags morphed into three gold balls, and the symbol has endured ever since.

Pawn Shops in NYC: The Gold Standard

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, so it makes sense that people have been looking to sell their gold here since it was first colonized. With a population of over 18 million people and growing, there will always be a need for people to raise quick cash for various purposes.

Selling gold to a Gold Buyers is the fastest way to get emergency cash, in most cases the sell transaction takes less than 15 minutes.  Pawn Shops who provide Gold Buying Service, will buy the following gold items:

  • Gold Jewelry
  • Gold Coins
  • Gold Bullion
  • Gold Collectables
  • Scrap Gold

The Pros of Selling to A Pawn Shop

There is no faster way to get instant cash for your gold than at a pawn shop. Online gold buyers can take days and even weeks, which isn’t helpful when your immediate needs dictate otherwise.

Gold Buyers are trained to know everything from the quality of the gold you’re selling to the fineness of the jewelry. Sell your gold with confidence, knowing that you’re getting a fair price expedited far faster than any other gold selling method.

 How to Get the Most Money for Your Gold

Ready to sell your gold? Here are some handy tips to make your gold selling experience at a pawn shop go much more smoothly.

  1. Know your jewelry’s fineness. Always check for a hallmark on every piece of jewelry you bring to understand the potential value better.
  2. Check your weight at home. A simple postage scale can give you a general idea of the weight of your gold and make it easier to look up the current market value.
  3. Avoid mixing gold karatages. If you’re bringing several different karatages of gold along with you to sell, separating them beforehand will ensure that the process goes much more smoothly and that you’re getting the most money.
  4. Don’t polish your gold beforehand. While this may seem counterintuitive, shining your gold can reduce the weight by removing some of the precious metal. It’s best to bring in your gold unpolished so it will be at its maximum weight.
  5. Only sell to licensed and reputable Pawn Shop that knows the daily market price of gold. Make sure that the pawn shop you’re selling to is a reputable one, and you can ensure your process will be discrete and fair.

More Than Just Gold

Pawn shops buy more than just gold, so they can easily be your one-stop shop to get quick cash for all your valuables. Here’s a brief list of the things pawnshops are trained to appraise and offer you fast cash for:

  • Estate jewelry, diamonds, silver, gemstones
  • Watches and timepieces
  • Artwork, collectibles, and memorabilia
  • Sporting goods and musical instruments

If an item has any value, a pawnbroker will generally be able to offer you instant cash for it. Discrete and immediate, no one is more qualified to provide you with money for when unexpected life events come up.

Collateral Loans vs. Selling Your Gold

If you don’t want to permanently part with your gold and need quick cash for an immediate need, a collateral loan may be the best option for you. Collateral loans provide a short-term loan using your gold as collateral which you will then receive back when the loan terms are satisfied. The best part is there’s no credit check or employment verification needed.

A collateral loan can be yours in as little as 15 minutes by following three easy steps:

  1. Bring in your valuables to be pledged in order to secure the loan. You can even get a pre-approval online!
  2. A certified and licensed pawnbroker will then appraise your items which will be used to secure the loan.
  3. You get cash instantly!  Cash payments are provided to the borrower immediately upon appraisal and the borrower’s acceptance of loan terms and amount.

Turning Your Gold Into Cash in Manhattan

No matter what the immediate need is, there is no one more qualified in Manhattan to give you the highest appraisal and instant cash for your gold than NYC Luxury Pawn Shop & Collateral Loans. Safe, secure, and discrete, our certified and licensed gold buyers are standing by to assist you. Contact us by calling 646-359-3247 or stop at our Manhattan location at 74 West 47th. St. Suite 201 to turn your gold into instant cash today!


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