Same Day Collateral Loans in Manhattan, NY. By Big Apple General Buyers

Quick On-The-Spot Collateral Loans

Collateral Loans in Manhattan, NY.

Pawn shop in Manhattan, NY. Get fast cash in 15 minutes or less.  Get a Collateral Loan by a trusted and certified Pawnbroker.  These low interest loans are short-term where the borrower typically pays the loan off in 4 to 6 months.  The Lender can extend these terms and conditions because the loan is secured by the collateral provided by the Borrower.  Upon pay-off the Borrower receive the collateral in which such can be used again in the future to repeat the short-term loan process.  Pawn Loans are convenient, secured and advantageous to the Barrower and Lender.  According to the Pawn Shop Association more than 80% of all collateral pledged for loans  are reclaimed by Borrowers.

For your safety and assurance, Pawn Brokers and Collateral Loans are closely regulated by Federal laws such as Truth-In-Lending , U.S. Patriot Act, IRS and more.  If you do not qualify for a bank or credit union loan your have an alternative, a Collateral Loan from a licensed Pawnbroker of a licensed Pawn Shop.


Pay 0% Interest On Any Collateral Loan