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Pawn Shop services that provide fast Pawn Loan approval, 0% interest for the first 30 days, and unbeatable offers for your Watch, Gold, Diamonds and Jewelry.

Jewelry at Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop Services in New York, NY.

Unlock instant cash without the wait by Pawning or Selling your jewelry.  At our Pawn Shop, you’re just 15 minutes away from getting the money you need.  Get a Pawn Loan (Collateral Loan) at 0% for the first 30 days (see terms and conditions).
Discreet services, available 7 days a week, ensure you have fast access to cash for those emergency needs. With no credit check or job verification required, we prioritize your privacy and convenience.

Pawn These Items

Pawn items like Gold, Diamonds, Watches and valuable jewelry as collateral for your secured “collateral” loan.  The process is fast, discrete and safe.

Sell These Items

In the heart of New York City you can get a cash offer for your luxury watch, gold, diamonds and jewelry.  At our Pawn Shop we promise fairness, swiftness, and the best cash offers.

Pawning a luxury watch
Gold Chain and Gold Bracelet at the Pawnshop
Diamond Ring with white Gold that received a Pawn Loan

Pawn Value

Ready to Discover What Your Luxury Items Are Truly Worth?
Step into our Pawn Shop in Manhattan (New York City) and let us unveil the true value of your watch, gold, diamonds and jewelry.

Pawn Shop FAQ

Get answers to most frequently asked questions about Pawning and Pawn Loans (Collateral Loans)

What Are Pawn Loan Terms?

Our pawn loans usually span 30 days, with an option to extend the loan by paying the accrued interest. We strive to offer flexible solutions to fit your needs, including various term options based on your specific circumstances.
Read More About Term Examples & Computations

What Items Can I Pawn?

We accept watches, gold, diamonds and valuable jewelry. Each item will be appraised to determine its worth and the pawn loan value it can secure.

How Do You Determine Interest Rates?

Interest rates are subject to state and local laws, which can vary. We are committed to transparency about the rates we charge. Feel free to ask us directly about the interest rates applicable to your loan.
We provide you a pawn loan at 0% for the first 30 Days if the loan repayment is 4 months (borrower must keep the loan open for 4 consecutive months in order to get the first month at 0%)
Read More About Term Examples & Computations

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Back My Loan?

In the event that you’re unable to repay your loan, the item you pawned will be placed for sale in our store. This is a standard practice in the pawn industry, serving as a way for us to recoup the loan value.

How Do You Determine the Value of My Pawned Item?

Our valuation process involves assessing the condition and market value of each item. Our experts have a deep understanding of various item categories and current market trends, ensuring a fair appraisal of your valuables.

Do You Buy Scrap Gold?

Yes, all Pawn Shops buy scrap gold and gold jewelry of any kind. We are a Gold and Jewelry Buyers paying you the most for your Jewelry.

How Is the Loan Amount Determined?

The loan amount is based on the appraised value of your item and state regulations. Our team works diligently to offer you a loan that reflects the worth of your item while also adhering to legal guidelines.

We have more answers for the most common Pawn Shop questions.

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    Pawn Loan Terms, Examples and Computations

    Customer Scenarios and Examples
    Collateral Loans are provided at 0% for the first 30 Days if the loan repayment is 4 months (borrower must keep the loan open for 4 consecutive months in order to get the first month at 0%). Collateral Loans for up to 4 months are charged a rate of 3% per month. Collateral will be charged a fee not to exceed 1% of total value for the purpose of securing and storing items in a vault. Loans can be paid-off at any time during the loan term at no extra charge. We will only charge for time in which the loan had a balance outstanding. All items will be returned to the borrower in the exact condition received after the loan balance has been paid in full. We hold the right to sell the collateral if the borrower fails to repay the loan as agreed. The minimum repayment term is 0 days and the maximum is 120 days. The maximum loan term is 120 day. It is not required to pay the entire loan in-full within 60 days.

    If you borrowed $100 for 30 days you will owe $103.00 on the 31st day.

    Example 2:

    If you borrowed $100 and made a payment $50 during the month, than on the 31st day your balance will be $51.50

    Example 3:

    If you borrowed $100 for 90 days and made no payments during such time than, you will owe $109.00

    Example 4:

    If you borrowed $100 for 120 days and made no payments during such time than, your balance will be $109.00 (that is due to promotion of 1st month no interest if you keep the loan for 120 days)
    NOTE: Interest is computed based on the principal balance of the loan at the end of each period (30 days). We do not charge interest on the interest amount added to the loan. See example 3 and 4 above.

    Legal Disclaimers

    Please note that all transactions are subject to state and local laws. The information provided here is for general informational purposes and should not be construed as legal advice. We reserve the right to refuse service or loans based on our policies and assessments. Always review your pawn agreement for the details specific to your transaction.