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Pawn Loan Process

Pawn Loan (Collateral Loan)

Pawn Loan (Collateral Loan) in 15min. or less by a trusted and certified Pawnbroker.  These low interest loans are short-term where the borrower typically pays the loan off in 4 to 6 months.  The Lender can extend these terms and conditions because the loan is secured by the collateral provided by the Borrower.  Upon pay-off the Borrower receive the collateral in which such can be used again in the future to repeat the short-term loan process.  Pawn Loans are convenient, secured and advantageous to the Barrower and Lender.  According to the Pawn Shop Association more than 80% of all collateral pledged for loans are reclaimed by Borrowers.

For your safety and assurance, Pawn Brokers and Collateral Loans are closely regulated by Federal laws such as Truth-In-Lending, U.S. Patriot Act, IRS and more.  If you do not qualify for a bank or credit union loan you have an alternative, a Collateral Loan from a licensed Pawnbroker of a licensed Pawn Shop.

Gold Buyers

Gold Buyers in Manhattan, NY. who buy your gold, diamonds, watch or valuable jewelry.  Get the most cash for your valuables even scrap gold.  The cash for gold transactions are fast and take less than 15 minutes, providing you emergency funds immediately.  Learn more about Gold Buyers Services and How it Works.


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Pawn Shop selling jewelry
Pawnshop buying and selling jewelry

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